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              CWY Series Marine Diesel Emergency Fire Pump

              CWY Series Marine Diesel Emergency Fire Pump


              CWY series marine diesel emergency fire pump can mainly be u sed as marine emergency fire pump,at the same time,it can be used in factories,mines, ports,docks,storages and goods yards and so on.this type of pump has light weight, smaller dimensions,easy moving, rapidly start, fast suction larger fuel-box, incorrosive performance. reliale operation and easy maintenance. if battery can be fixed. The pump unit is able to start by the battery.

              The typical example and its explanation for the pump type

              For example : 65CWY-25
              32-entrance diameter of the pump,mm
              CWY- marine diesel emergency fire pump

              Main technical performance parameters

              The main technical performancy parameters are showed in table

              Type Main technical Performance parameters
              Capacity m3/h Head m Speedr/min Suction head m Suction Time power S Efficiency % diesel power Inlet/outlet Diameter mm Pump weight
              Type Power kW
              65CWY-25 20 25 3600 5-6 ≤35 40 KM178F 4 65/50 70
              65CWY-30 25 30 3600 5-6 ≤35 54 KM186F 6 65/50 70
              65CWY-40 30 40 3600 6-7 ≤35 65 KM186F 6 65/50 87
              80CWY-55 60 55 3500 6-7 ≤35 68 KM178QC 16 80/50 240
              80CWY-60 50 60 3500 6-7 ≤35 66 KM376QC 16 80/50 240